Belmore North Public School

Building on Strengths, Focused on the Future

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Our Staff


Mrs Janet Burling



Early Stage 1 & Stage 1 - Ms Rachael Morrison 

Stage 2 - Ms Emily Edwards

Stage 3 - Ms Erin De Masi

Support Unit - Mrs Jacqui Zreik

Wellbeing & Learning Support - Mrs Alana Fraser

Curriculum and Instruction - Ms Rebecca Ly & Mrs Michelle Barnes

Curriculum and Administration - Ms Angelika Austin



KP -     Mrs Ramona Piperitis

KJ -     Miss Monica Johnston 

1K -     Ms Chris Kennedy

2M -    Ms Rachael Morrison 


3/4B - Ms Brooke Hagiwara

3/4C - Ms Charlotte Habib

3/4E - Ms Emily Edwards

5/6B - Mrs Michelle Barnes & Ms Yang Zhang

5/6D - Ms Erin De Masi

5/6K - Mrs Angela Kavvalos and Mrs Amina Naboulsi


K-2A - Mrs Sevy Atsalis                                             SLSO Mrs Julie Robens

K-3C - Mrs Anita Cavar                                              SLSO Mrs Tina Poulios

1-5P - Mrs Maria Papilos/Mrs Fotoula Hatzis          SLSO Ms Habibun Casey

1-4Z - Mrs Jacqui Zreik                                               SLSO Mrs Murshad Abdul

3-6S - Miss Natalie Sousa                                          SLSO Mrs Helen Pantazis



Ms Anne Iacono


Release from Face-to-Face Teachers (RFF)

Mrs Maria Stelzer

Mrs Kate Ayling

Mrs Sophie Berner


School Psychologist

Ms Charlotte Loughrey


Student Learning Support Officers (SLSOs)

Mrs Abir Nasser-Agha

Miss Yasmin Robens

Community Language (Arabic) Teacher

Mr Effat Shehata


English as an Additional Dialect Teachers (EALD)

Mr Rafael Poli

Mrs Des Barmakellis


Teacher Learning and Support Teacher  (LAST)

Miss Laura Wannous


Intensive Learning Support Teacher  (ILST)

Mrs Jamie Laris

Mrs Ghazal Morad



School Business Manager

Mrs Donna Maldonado


School Administrative Manager

 Mrs Colette Hana


School Administrative Officers

Mrs Nazira Ghazzawi 


General Assistant (GA)

Mr Tony Farr

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